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Broadband is costly in the USA – is it the same for LTE?

While fixed broadband is priceir, LTE contract pricing in the US seems on par with the UK

While fixed broadband is pricier, LTE contract pricing in the US seems on par with the UK

Earlier this week the BBC web site ran an interesting article asking the question why the price of broadband was so much higher in the US than it is in the UK. Research has found that packages are around three times more expensive than they are in the UK, and that in surveys comparing broadband prices the US is often to be found close to the bottom of charts. Considering the US is the country that is traditionally credited with inventing the Internet, this might well come as a surprise for some.

Traditionally technology tends to be cheaper there and to a large extent that’s still the case. Take the newly 13in Macbook Pro: it’s £999 here in the UK (including VAT), but including a typical New York sales tax costs the equivalent of £815 in the US. Not so broadband, where as you can see in the chats in the BBC article, the US is at the bottom of the list for purchasing power parity for broadband at 45Mbps or above.

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