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Leaving a lasting legacy – 4G/5G Progress?

This guest post was written by Mike Hooper, Head of Sales at Eirteic

June is typically a very busy month, with a number of exhibitions to be attended. This year Eirteic attended TM Forum Live! in Nice and LTE World Summit in Amsterdam. The events created some interesting thoughts about how things are progressing around subjects such as: SDN, NFV, SON and 5G.

Mike Hooper, Head of Sales, Eirteic

Mike Hooper, Head of Sales, Eirteic

Given that we are 5 years since the first 4G rollout and 5 years from a 5G roll out, it got me thinking about how we are progressing with the management of LTE. The rollout is happening but how are we managing it? Service Providers are still using legacy platforms such as IBM Netcool and HP TeMIP.

So as we progress toward 5G, how is this going to really change? How do we manage legacy 2G, 3G services whilst maintaining LTE and assuring future 5G services.

Can we really do this using 20 year old platforms?


Quick-fire Interview with Manuel Vera, Senior Manager – Network, Bell Mobility

Manuel Vera, Senior Manager – Network (National Network Performance), Bell Mobility

Manuel Vera, Senior Manager – Network (National Network Performance), Bell Mobility

Please tell us about your role?

I am responsible for the introduction of new technology and network performance support.   I also have oversight of network performance trends and analysis.  Lastly, I develop processes to support new technologies as well as evaluate new solutions to better manage network performance.

What changes have you seen in the industry over the last 12 months?

The speed of technology turn over and adoption has changed dramatically.  It has gone from 10 Years, to 5 years, to recently a matter of 1 year. (AMPS -> CDMA -> EVDO -> 3G UMTS -> HSPA -> LTE -> LTE-A)

What are your priorities for the next year ahead?

It comes down to three key areas -small cells. continuing the ‘Speed Game’ (2xCarrier Aggregation, 3xCarrier Aggregation), and delivering connectivity and managing network performance at special events and large venues.

How can industry help overcome your current challenges?

There is a pipeline of technology that will drive network automation – Better SON features – complete dSON deployments and explore cSON systems.

In your opinion, why should medics and industry representatives attend HetNet North America in May 2015?

The event is a good way to learn about the industry and keep track of the latest trends.  I found over the years that in events such as this, we either ratify the direction we are taking or we rectify it based on our key takeaways.

For more information on HetNet North America, visit

Myth Busting Closed-Loop SON

Yaacov Cohen, Director of Product Management, Cellwize

Yaacov Cohen, Director of Product Management, Cellwize

This post is by Yaacov Cohen, Director of Product Management, Cellwize

Closed-loop SON is an attribute that the majority of mobile operators desire from a SON solution today. But is their expectation of closed-loop SON the same as what vendors truly offer, or is it missing a critical aspect?

The Mirage

A Closed-loop SON system would have the ability to automatically receive parameter network sets, run optimisations and then provision parameter set adjustments back onto the network – automatically and faultlessly. This loop part of a C-SON integration with vendor OSS, is the basic foundation of any C-SON solution ensuring the automation of coordinated SON activities.

But does this truly define what Closed-loop SON is?

In Reality

The true meaning of closed-loop SON is actually much broader. It isn’t just the configured connections that allow for the closed-loop data transfers, but rather a wider network-centric approach, which continuously seeks for anomalies in network performance. Closed-loop SON can only be completed when realising corrective C-SON techniques, which consider the current level of network performance degradation, while comparing normal traffic pattern behaviors.


Sizing up SON – Self-Organising Networks revealed

This post is by Avijit Ghosh, assistant vice president of technology, Aricent 

The ‘Self-organizing Networks’ (SON) concept is a ‘hot’ topic for today’s wireless networks, especially with the expected proliferation of small cells and heterogeneous networks.

The idea is that the network should, while minimising cost and staying within constraints that may be applicable, automatically and continually adjust itself to maximise its own key performance indicators: generally coverage, capacity & quality of experience.

It is also expected that such a system should generate information, analysis and visualisation to assist effective forward planning of the service provider’s business.


Interview: “Sales and marketing director for Samsung Networks Europe:“The ‘Best LTE RAN Product’ award is a very prestigious and is a testimony to our innovation success.”

sales and marketing director for Samsung Networks Europe

sales and marketing director for Samsung Networks Europe

Following the successful LTE Awards 2013, we speak to Mark Thompson, sales and marketing director for Samsung Networks Europe, winners in the Best LTE RAN Product category.

Tell us more about your entry for the LTE Award 2013

Samsung LTE solutions are focused on facilitating and supporting media delivery networks. Our industry-leading portfolio of RAN solutions is based on the concept of Telecom and IT convergence. Smart LTE Networks, already commercialised in South Korea, is an LTE solution that leverages this concept to incorporate real-time radio scheduling, content caching and delivery, media broadcast and mobile computing over LTE networks.

Smart SON, one of the components of Smart LTE Networks, provides advanced network optimisation for all types of RAN: macro cell, femto cell and pico cell as well as Heterogeneous Networks. Unlike conventional SON, it optimises the network in near real-time, resulting in dramatic cost reduction and performance gains for mobile operators.

We hope to leverage the great platform provided by LTE World Summit, one of the largest LTE focused industry events, to share the success of our cutting-edge technologies with thousands of attendees across all domains.


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