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Leaving a lasting legacy – 4G/5G Progress?

This guest post was written by Mike Hooper, Head of Sales at Eirteic

June is typically a very busy month, with a number of exhibitions to be attended. This year Eirteic attended TM Forum Live! in Nice and LTE World Summit in Amsterdam. The events created some interesting thoughts about how things are progressing around subjects such as: SDN, NFV, SON and 5G.

Mike Hooper, Head of Sales, Eirteic

Mike Hooper, Head of Sales, Eirteic

Given that we are 5 years since the first 4G rollout and 5 years from a 5G roll out, it got me thinking about how we are progressing with the management of LTE. The rollout is happening but how are we managing it? Service Providers are still using legacy platforms such as IBM Netcool and HP TeMIP.

So as we progress toward 5G, how is this going to really change? How do we manage legacy 2G, 3G services whilst maintaining LTE and assuring future 5G services.

Can we really do this using 20 year old platforms?


Interview: EVP BSS and ESS Applications, PTCL – “BSS/OSS has to be agile, lean, nimble, customizable, adaptable, configurable, and plug and play.”

Ahsan Aziz Khan, EVP BSS and ESS Applications, PTCL

Ahsan Aziz Khan, EVP BSS and ESS Applications, PTCL

What is the real importance of BSS/OSS to operators in a world of LTE data? In this interview we get the views of Ahsan Aziz Khan, EVP BSS and ESS Applications, PTCL, who is speaking on the subject of BSS/OSS on Day One of the LTE Asia conference, taking place on the 23rd-25th September 2014 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore —and taking part in the Operator Mindshare in the morning of Day Two.

What kind of business model changes do you expect with LTE?

The promise of LTE is high-speed data and even voice over data (VoLTE). There is a tremendous growth already happening in the use of data and more is expected over the coming days as LTE adoption increases. According to research, video will generate the most traffic in the future. As we already know and have observed, there is not much revenue growth for Telcos vis-à-vis the growth in data usage and the demand for bandwidth. This essentially means Telcos need to find new ways of earning money and monetizing data.

Lots of changes are already happening on various fronts related to our industry that can be summed as a SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) stack and the growing demand of digital services in the form of IoT and M2M. These changes are also affecting customer behavior and expectations.

A new eco-system of technologies and services is evolving. The situation is demanding a serious change of thoughts for the Telcos in terms of business model. These new business models are all about embracing digital services and partnerships with OTT players and other industry verticals. Telcos have to transform everything from soup to nuts, be it the network, be it the IT, be it the organization structure, or be it the business processes. They also have to react quickly otherwise you get the ‘boiling frog’ phenomena, which has started to happen.


Saving Thumbs with Charging Offload for LTE

2-bad-traffic-in-spThis post is by Robert Morrison, Director, Product Management, CSG Internationa


On my last trip to Brazil I was surprised when my taxi driver fired up Waze to beat the Sao Paulo traffic and I immediately downloaded it to do the same for me in London’s heavy congestion. He proved to me that consumers there have developed an unquenchable thirst—like they have in every country—for fast mobile data speeds and services. CSPs in Brazil are working hard to satisfy that demand by rolling out 4G data services over LTE networks. And frankly they seem a long way ahead of the mobile data service that I experience at home.  On a recent two-hour train journey across the UK from the capital to Bristol—a major population centre—the best my provider could do was GPRS and iffy 3G at the stations.  GPRS is not very helpful with today’s bandwidth-hungry apps using pictures and video.  Believe me, having to constantly refresh apps can result in very sore thumbs!



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