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Joyning the LTE dots with Imagination

One of the interesting things about the LTE eco-system is the number of parties involved in making it all happen. Surely one of the most interesting is Imagination Technologies, which has a piece of almost every pie in mobile. I recall Imagination Technologies as offering leading edge technology for the PC market in graphics and sound as far back as late late 90s, but as its ‎Senior Director of Marketing, David Harold told us, it has been concentrating on mobile since around that time – a decision it has never regretted, despite the concerns of those who thought it was misguided to turn its back on the PC market.

With mobile rising and the PC market going the other way, it’s certainly had the last laugh. Perhaps its best known mobile win is the PowerVR graphics technology which helps to make the iPhone such a gaming powerhouse. However, just as its PowerVR offers efficiency in the graphics pipeline, it is also keen to promote is MIPS-based processor technology as a more efficient tech for LTE baseband tech in handsets and tablets.”A high performance, clean architecture” as it described it. The key is the fact that it is multi-threaded, makes for a big performance increase, and it claimed that using its architecture baseband manufacturer Altair saw a 30 per cent increase in performance in the same power envelope. It also has the likes of Sequans using its architecture.

Imagination is also a key enabler of next-gen VoLTE, and its HelloSoft tech support SRVCC, and DRVCC for handoff between 2G, 3G and 4G networks. On the stand we also got a nice little demo of its RCS suite client, (see video below), which it said was currently in the process of receiving Joyn certification. While the jury is still out on whether Joyn will ever take off in any significant way, it was good to see it in action at least.

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