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Delivering Connectivity in Public Transportation – Interview with Capitol Corridor

James Allison - Manager of Planning  - Capitol Corridor

James Allison, Manager of Planning, Capitol Corridor

As networks spread and become more dense, consumers will expect to be connected wherever they are. Public transport has been slow to keep up with this trend, but Capitol Corridor, an intercity passenger train system that provides convenient public transport across the second-largest urban service area in the Western United States, has been one of leaders in the US, in providing WiFi on trains. We sat down with James Allison, Manager of Planning, who has lead the project to get Capitol Corridor commuters connected on their journeys.


Heterogeneous Networks – How complex can they get?

It’s no secret that mobile networks are under tremendous stress, and data capacity is at an all-time high. Consumers want and require constant connectivity and the standards have become very high, making operators play catch-up with the higher set of expectations from customers.

Take airport Wi-Fi as an example…just a few years ago it did not even exist, and today, customers are outraged when it is not available or it is of poor quality. The feeling has become that Wi-Fi, cellular connectivity and the ability to connect is no longer a service, but a common human right.


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