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The Role of Wi-Fi in Mobile Networks: Interview with du’s Senior Director for Wireless Broadband, Terminals & Performance

Ayman ElNashar

Ayman Elnashar, Senior Director for Wireless Broadband, Terminals & Performance at du

The integrated service provider du has been selected as the Official Smart City Wi-Fi Provider in Dubai and has since been successfully expanding its Wi-Fi network to major landmarks in UAE, such as Dubai Tram [1] and Global Village [2], etc…

Ahead of the LTE MENA conference in Dubai, we spoke with Ayman Elnashar, Senior Director for Wireless Broadband, Terminals & Performance at du. Ayman will be discussing du Wireless Broadband plans in more detail at the show, but I wanted to find out how du subscribers are already getting a better service thanks to this innovation.


Interview: CTO, Telstra: “While the wearable’s space has thrown up some interesting opportunities the consumer proposition has yet to mature.”

Hugh Bradlow, CTO, Telstra

Hugh Bradlow, CTO, Telstra

Telstra is one of the world leaders when it comes to leading edge network technology. We hear from its CTO Hugh Bradlow on what it’s been doing on LTE Advanced and what its plans for the future are in technologies such as LTE Broadcast. To hear more from Hugh Bradlow on this subject, sign up to the LTE World Summit, the premier 4G event for the telecoms industry, taking place on the 23rd-26th June 2014, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands.

What’s the latest on Telstra’s LTE network? For example, at what stage are your plans for LTE Advanced and VoLTE?

Telstra has been amongst the world leaders in pushing LTE-Advanced. We have done a number of trials on our network of carrier aggregation, including a world first in May this year in aggregating three 2x20MHz FDD bands between 1,800MHz (1 band) and 2,600MHz (2 bands) to achieve live network speeds of 450Mbps. We have also tested carrier aggregation across the 700MHz and 1,800MHz bands. We continue to evaluate the use of VoLTE in our network but at this stage, do not see any compelling reason to deploy it urgently.


Interview – VP Product Development, Orange Technocentre: “we believe that cameras, together with more upstream capacities will lead to new business or consumer services.”


Pierre François Dubois, VP Product Development, Orange Technocentre

Will eMBMS be a success in 2014 or beyond? This is what Pierre François Dubois, VP Product Development at the Orange Technocentre will be discussing on Day One of the 10th annual LTE World Summit, the premier 4G event for the telecoms industry, taking place on the 23rd-26th June 2014, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. Ahead of the show we caught up with him to gain a sneak peek at his insights into this and other LTE technologies such as VoLTE.

LTE Broadcast/eMBMS – hasn’t the wireless industry been here before and why will it be different this time?

There have been several attempts in the last ten years to enrich mobile networks with broadcast solutions, but all of them failed for two main reasons: no real breakthrough in terms of service for the consumer and the difficulty of building an ecosystem (the second being often the consequence of the first one). Integrated Mobile Broadcast (IMB) with 3G was a good idea as it could enable many MNOs to leverage useless TD spectrum they acquired with 3G but it came too late, and with 4G in the horizon no one made the first move.

It is too early to say that eMBMS will be a success but the situation is obviously different:

–          On the fixed access side, mixing broadcast and interactive services has led to new business models in the media industry. It inspires MNOs and their partners as mobile network are more and more content and video driven.

–          4G has been fully designed for data and anticipated eMBMS in the standard, which was not the case with IMB.

–          The technology is close to maturity. The chipsets are there and end-to-end trials have been completed by several MNOs.

“Will there be a true business model for this technology?” remains the main question and the answer may vary from one country to another.


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