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Can UK 4G harness its own hype?

Julia Kukiewicz, editor of

Julia Kukiewicz, editor of

This post is by Julia Kukiewicz, editor of, a UK consumer site that has covered the consumer broadband market since 2004.

By the end of this year, all of the major UK networks will be selling 4G.

As with most nascent services, providers will have to walk a fine line: build consumer expectation too high and you’re paving the way for disappointment and sluggish take up; under sell the benefits, and the result will be the same.

There’s no doubt that 4G services are, and will be, far better in terms of speed and coverage than the mobile broadband most of us are used to.

But, as the 3G roll out showed us clearly, a better service won’t save users from disappointment.

And, as consumers use mobile internet more and for more complex, data-hungry tasks, technically better doesn’t always equal a better experience in any case.

So, leaving technical aspects of the service aside, how can 4G providers give consumers enough inducement to switch without overselling? How can they harness their own hype?


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