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The Cost of 5G and the Next New Shiny Thing

Guest post by Iain Gillott, iGR Research

We in the mobile love to discuss ‘the next big thing’ – we are never happy living in the present and always want the next new shiny thing.  Perhaps this is because of the way the industry developed in the mid-1980s, from humble analog networks (really, they were not that good!) to digital networks and then to 3G and beyond.  Of course, along the way we never agree on a single network technology (2G was covered by at least four standards) and so even as the latest-and-greatest technology was always been promoted.

Now that we have got to LTE (which most of the world agrees on for ‘4G’), it is time for the next shiny thing: 5G.  The problem with 5G at present is that if you talk to five people about 5G and what it is, and you will get at least seven answers! What stands out more than any new 5G technology, air interface or spectrum is the general level of confusion and lack of definition.


Interview with Latif Ladid,Chair, 5G World Alliance & President, IPTV Forum



Latif Ladid

Latif Ladid, Chair of the 5G World Alliance

What are your thoughts on 5G, its requirement and services deployed over the network?


We are indeed in the middle of clearly defining the holistic 5G Requirements within the ETSI IP6 Industry Specification Group (ISG) that I chair:

We expect this work to take into consideration the many requirements published by liaison initiatives to this ETSI ISG. Expect a draft version by June 2016.


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