With work already LTE North America 2015well under way to apply LTE to public safety and commercial critical communication scenarios, there are still many challenges and discussions to be had to ensure the rollout of reliable and resilient networks. LTE North America (17-19 November 2015) will dedicate an entire day’s programme and exhibition area to focus on LTE public safety solutions.

Endorsed by the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT), the LTE public safety programme will explore how LTE can meet the needs of public safety professionals and critical communications systems to provide reliable broadband communications. George Rice, Executive Director of iCERT said “LTE networks will be crucial elements for the sharing and safeguarding of mission critical data for public safety professionals as they look to deliver life saving services to those in need. Knowledge and insight sharing events like this are important as commercial providers and public sector agencies consider the development of current and burgeoning communications technologies”.

Interoperability is one of these important benefits since LTE is easy to integrate into other networks. Lesia Dickson, Outreach and Education Coordinator, Texas Public Safety Broadband Program will speak on a session titled; Guaranteeing Interoperability for Public Safety Networks to explore this further, along with a look at the challenges in independent network roll-outs.

Speaking ahead of the event, Dickson commented: “Texas has made thousands of contacts with public safety stakeholders to make them aware of the implications of public safety broadband on responders in the coming years. But this is not just about the distant future; The time for Texas to voice our network requirements is now – before the technical and policy decisions are made, which is why industry discussions at events like LTE North America are so important.”

Brian Shepherd, Broadband Program Manager, State of Colorado, Office of Information Technology will also present on Deploying LTE Public Safety Networks: Case Studies and Lessons Learnt, while Colonel Michael D. Edmonson, Deputy Secretary, Department of Public Safety & Corrections and Superintendent, Louisiana State Police will deliver a presentation titled; Building Resilient First Responder Networks for Critical Communications through LTE.

“LTE is fully deployed in North America, and the industry needs to collaborate to find creative use-cases for the network,” commented Alejandro Pinero, Head of Production of LTE North America, Informa Telecoms & Media. “LTE North America will place a spotlight on LTE public safety networks, showing the multitude of benefits LTE provides; including high performance capabilities, high data rates, spectral efficiency and low latency. For any manufacturer, MNO, public safety body or regulator looking for guidance and expertise on how to roll out LTE public safety networks, this is the event to be at.”

In addition to LTE public safety networks, LTE North America will be co-located with 5G World North America and will feature sessions on 5G, VoLTE and LTE services, IoT applications over LTE and many more

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