What do you see as the biggest opportunities to increase revenues from LTE in 2015?

Indoor LTE, VoLTE, M2M and Enterprise.

What are the new services that you think will bring the greatest revenue increases to the operator?

Enterprise market, M2M/IoT and Location based services.

How has the customer experience on LTE improved in the last 12 months? What effect is this having on subscriber numbers?

We have migrated customers from UMTS to LTE which resulted quite some MBB traffic offload to LTE. This translates to improved experience with higher throughput, lower latency and better quality of service.

How do you think Virtualisation can improve the LTE network? Are you planning to invest in such technologies?

I see virtualization as a potential network optimization. It will not only bring financial benefits but also time to market will be greatly reduced. We are already working on incorporating this technology.

What is your opinion on 5G? Is it something you are already beginning to think about at du?

To my understanding, there’s no consensus on air interface, architecture etc. within 3GPP at this point. Different players have different approaches. Having said that, I’m looking forward to the 3GPP’s announcement on Rel13& R14 technologies within this month. As an operator, we are always up to date about the progress of 5G and work very closely with vendors to ensure we are ready for this transition.

Learn more from Du and 150+ opreator companies at this year’s LTE World Summit 2015.

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