José Otero, Director of Latin America & the Caribbean, 4G AMERICAS

José Otero, Director of Latin America & the Caribbean, 4G AMERICAS

Ahead of LTE Latin America 2015 in Rio de Janeiro next month, Informa’s LTE World Series team sat down with José Otero, Director of Latin America and the Caribbean at 4G Americas, to discuss the present and future of LTE in the region.

What your vision for the future of LatAm’s telecommunications in the next few years?

We have been hearing about the importance of wireless communications for the last 20-30 years. The arrival of 4G+ technologies will be a reminder of the importance of wired networks for the healthy growth of mobile networks. As operators and governments seek to expand mobile coverage, issues such as high speed backhaul connections that can support mobile download speeds of over 20-30 Mbps will be increase in importance.
That said, mobile broadband technologies will continue to be the primary connection platform for most individuals living in Latin America and the Caribbean. This also means that governments need to incorporate the usage of mobile networks into their national connectivity initiatives.

What are the next steps for spectrum auctions and licensing in Latin America, what are the next steps?
Allocation of spectrum that is ready to use and harmonization of frequency bands still one of the most important challenges faced by Latin American markets. Spectrum allocation needs to be done in a transparent manner that has as its final objective the healthy development of the local telecommunications market.

Where are you with LTE Advanced and carrier aggregation in particular?
LTE-Advanced arrived in the region during 2014 with its launch in Puerto Rico. The next 12-18 months will be critical for its development in the region as some operators decide to implement it in high traffic locations to improve their service and position themselves as innovators. Some markets that might lead the region on the launch of LTE-Advanced commercial services are: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Join José and 120+ distingushed speakers at this year’s LTE LATIN AMERICA Conference. For more information, please visit

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