Luiz Felipe Barros, Brazil Country Manager, Viber

Luiz Felipe Barros, Brazil Country Manager, Viber

Latin America is a promising market for OTTs and data consumption, but that doesn’t mean lost revenue for operators and MNOs in the region. In this exclusive interview for the LTE World Series Blog, Luiz Felipe Barros, Brazil Country Manager at Viber, tells us about the opportunities in partnership between MNOs and OTT players.

One of the featured keynote speakers at the 6th Annual LTE Latin America conference and exhibition, Luiz Felipe sat down with us to give us a quick summary of his key message eat this year’s show.

What is your vision for the future of Brazil’s telecommunications in the next few years?

In recent years we have witnessed a strong migration from the use of voice and text to the use of data. This migration will accelerate in the coming years and the use of data will become the main source of revenue for operators. On the consumer side, we will witness a demand for more speed and stability of the mobile connection and this will not be limited to post-paid plans. Operators that ensure the best coverage and data network quality will stand out.

LTE Latin America 2015 - Rio de Janeiro, April 7-9th 2015

Join Luiz Felipe and 800+ attendees at this year’s LTE Latin America 2015 – Rio de Janeiro, April 7-9th 2015

On the one side, operators are losing revenue, and on the other, most OTTs are in need of viable business models. The opportunity is rather about finding ways to work together in a way that benefits all parties, and to leverage whoever assets to respond to the demand for richer communication of digital consumers and enterprises, but how is it possible?

Viber is not positioned as a competitor to operators, quite the opposite. We are important allies to increase the consumption of mobile internet and educate the consumer to discover new ways to use data packets. Thus, both parties benefit. We have partnerships with operators in several markets and we are exploring the same in Brazil. About the business model of OTTs, Viber now has different ways to generate revenue, such as selling “Stickers” packages, selling call credits to non-users of Viber through Viber Out and games. We will further expand our portfolio in the coming months.

How important are events such as the LTE Latin America conference for promoting and encouraging ideas around OTTs and Operators Allies in the region?

The approximation between OTTs and operators is already a reality. Events such as LTE Latin America help consolidate this process and show that the market has no turning back. We have large consolidated OTT players and we know the barrier that is faced by new players. We have large operators in the market and we know that they have the opportunity to generate more revenue through data and increase their margins out of the voice price war and reduce interconnection costs. We have a list of these potential win-win partnerships between OTTs and operators.

For more information on attending the 6th Annual LTE Latin America show, please visit our website 

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