This guest post was written by Ofer Talmor, VP Products, Saguna

Ofer Talmor, VP Products, Saguna

Ofer Talmor, VP Products, Saguna

With the high usage of mobile devices in almost every aspect of our lives, mobile retail revenue stats are hardly a surprise: In Q1 of 2014, retail revenue generated via a mobile device was up 35 percent over first quarter of last year, with mobile owning 13.7 per cent of total e-commerce orders in Q1 2013 compared to 18.5 percent during the first quarter of this year.

But while a lot of data is aggregated about online shopping habits, a big piece of the puzzle is still missing – how do you track brick and mortar customers to identify the optimal point of conversion in-store? How can you identify when a shopper walks in the store, and offer him the best retail experience?  Can the experience that can be amplified by mobile usage?

At the same time, the human need to ‘touch the merchandise’ is still a dominant one. So is the desire to get it immediately, rather than browse online, and wait Combining mobile and in-store engagement for retail success

Let’s try and trace the customer journey; from online browsing until he arrives at the physical retail point and see at which point can the retailer extend their reach.

Customer Journey

Consumers most likely walk into the store with their mobile devices, and as we already established, 84% of shoppers use their phone for shopping related activities while in the store. So how can retailers maximize the opportunity here? How can they leverage the power of mobile to drive in-store sales?

This is where Saguna’s solution working as part of a small cell deployment can help.The collaboration and integration between Saguna CODS Cell-Insight, small cells and server applications can bring a new perspective to indoor locationing by detecting customers’ physical presence in-store and connecting it with the online history.

As soon the customer enters the store, his cell phone is automatically connected to the on-site small-cell eliminating the pre-requisite of a customer being connected to the store’s WIFI. Saguna provides real-time user and location data to the retailer’s business application. The business application integrates previous browsing history from the retailer’s website and online apps to determine the customer’s preferences and create highly targeted and personalized offers.  Just seconds from entering the store, the customer receives a real-time targeted offer inviting him to finalize his shopping journey and enjoy a one-time special in-store discount.

With this integrated approach, not only do you know where the customer is, but you also use digital traffic analysis and implement it in-store to create an enhanced shopping experience. The idea is to ‘seek’ customers where they are physically and digitally present.


Beyond Pick and Pay

Indoor locationing extends analytics capabilities and customer engagement opportunities while in-store, driving customer loyalty, monetization opportunities and brand differentiation. Utilizing small cells together with Saguna’s Open-RAN and business applications, retailers can offer guided shopping, special offers and much more. Potential shoppers can be greeted into the store with coupons and offers that reward them for entering. They can also be rewarded for sharing news about items or sales from the store via social media, thus serving as promotion agents of the retailer.The commercial offers may be time limited, right now, in this specific store and so on, to enhance that connection between the store and the mobile experience.

Introducing all of these offers to customers in the store can be fine-tuned even further with a variety of metrics measured while the customer is in the store. The store can be divided into ‘virtual zones’, and based on a customer’s duration of visit in a specific zone, personalized offers can be made.

Is it too much to expect that this experience is already a reality in time for next year’s Holiday season?


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