Sonal Ghelani, Research Manager at Informa Telecoms & Media

Sonal Ghelani, Research Manager at Informa Telecoms & Media

As we see the current generation of mobile networks transform the way people communicate and access information, it is evident that further development of the networks and technology implementation will redefine end-user experience along with the entire global telecoms landscape.

5G networks, if it delivers on its promise, will be the technology that delivers on this change. Over time, we are to see any mobile app and any mobile service will be given the potential to connect to any device or machine at any given time, with low latency and high capacity. Working towards a connected generation and enabling high speeds with more capacity is what 5G networks will deliver.

We are yet to define what exactly 5G will look like, but recent announcements from top tier carriers and vendors such as NTT DoCoMo and Ericsson, have established that 5G will improve performance and enable wider machine to machine (M2M) and device-to-device communication.

In a recent press release from Ericsson (available at, Seizo Onoe, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at NTT DOCOMO, said: “5G studies are starting to gain real momentum as we point toward 2020. We appreciate that 5G will provide significant performance enhancements to support future new applications that will impact both users and industry. We look forward to showing the potential of 5G radio access technologies via this experimental trial.”

One thing is clear – 5G will deliver higher capacity, lower latency, better energy efficiency and an overall better and seamless mobile experience beyond smart phones and tablets. However, the industry also agrees that LTE infrastructure, alongside Wi-Fi and other unlicensed technologies, will continue to be an important element in the RAN architecture to deliver these services.

There are a lot of expectations from this new revolutionary technology as we can see with many challenges ahead but what happens to recently commercialised LTE Networks? Is 5G a mere evolution of LTE networks? How will investment made in 4G network infrastructure help shape and speed up the delivery of 5G networks?

The upcoming 5G Forum USA conference, 14-15th April, in Palo Alto, CA will address all these questions and more!

Join industry experts- Dr. Ron Marquardt, Vice President of Technology Innovation & Architecture, Sprint, Hugh Bradlow, CTO, TelstraJin-Hyo Park, Senior Vice President of Network R&D Center, SK Telecom in a keynote panel where they will be defining 5G!


Top US, European and Asian carriers will be discussing and paving the way to 5G trials and deployment, including speakers from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, Bell, SK Telecom, China Mobile,  NTT DOCOMO, Etisalat and many more!

Register today and be part of this high level conference @

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