This is Part II of Peter Nas’ Blog Entry: Other DRA added-value in VoLTE

There’s additional value to the fundamental session binding functionality of a DRA. A DRA can enable optimal call management ensuring higher quality-of-service VoLTE calls. For instance, think of all the different vendors’ equipment that is needed to exchange Diameter Gx and Rx signaling. One example is when the LTE PGW has a different Gx implementation than the PCRF. In turn that PCRF can have a different Diameter Rx implementation than the IMS’s P-CSCF node. Typically inside an operator’s network, there will be various vendors for LTE, PCRF and IMS core network elements. And this is the norm in roaming use cases where the visited LTE network is out of control (meaning a different vendor) than the home IMS network, where the P-CSCF (and other elements) will be involved.

In addition, once VoLTE takes off more substantially, the quantity of signaling also will take off and increase dramatically. Therefore, a DRA will play the most significant role in providing load balancing and overload control, both in normal circumstance but clearly also under special circumstances like when network elements went down and recover or other heavy signaling loads are occurring.

A DRA could also prioritize VoLTE related signaling, over all the various Diameter interfaces. When serving this function, operators can provide a higher quality VoLTE service over other services, particularly when other services load the network. In this case, a network without this DRA functionality of prioritization, would experience degraded VoLTE service.

There are more added-value functionalities – all made possible by a DRA, like VoLTE specific KPI generation. As time goes on and we experience increased use of VoLTE, we will learn more and more about how a DRA can improve the quality and efficiency of VoLTE and its related services.

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