This post is by Neil McKinlay, Senior Manager – Product Management, Anritsu

The market is changing rapidly, with new applications and usage models appearing daily. LTE is a major driving force in this change by providing reliable high bandwidth to mobile devices.

The cost of that ubiquitous bandwidth is falling with the realizing of NFV and SDN technology, further pushing down the cost per megabit delivered to the end customer.

This is all great news for the industry, more bandwidth, more users, more apps, new devices, higher quality connections, video support. What’s not to like?

There are a few clouds on the horizon though, the focus of customers is on apps, and what they can do rather than the technology (quite right I say) and there is a loss of connection to end customers, but does facebook get called to be complained to when people can’t access it on the train?

In today’s environment, I see it getting harder and harder to keep that understanding of customer experience, just when everybody is talking about Customer Experience Management as the cure for all ills. In many ways I think it is, but over-ambitious projects often result in disappointment, and the massive increases in data usage of networks is making access the rich data on usage end experience all the harder to manage.

I think one real solution is the marriage of big data technology, which after all, is cheap data and highly focused powerful analytics databases to give the high speed near real time analytics required to be able to understand that I couldn’t access Facebook messenger whilst on the train into Edinburgh this morning.

Focusing in on what customers experience of an operators product, the network, is and whether or not it can deliver the bandwidth required for all of these different apps in all locations is no mean feat, but management of the tsunami of data means that it is possible to identify the experience of every single subscriber on a network at any given time. From here it is possible to build massively valuable insights on their experience to regain that knowledge and mould your operations to ensure you do it better than your competitors, which is after all, the name of the game.

Anritsu Advanced Customer Experience Analytics can provide that level of insight for all your subscribers. Our advanced eoSphere Customer Experience Analytics solution delivers actionable insights across all aspects of how customers experience the services you deliver.

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