This post is by Eyal Amit, Product Marketing Manager, Amdocs

Plenty of service providers (and their end-customers) have jumped on the 4G LTE bandwagon. As a result, two of the most immediate and noticeable changes we are seeing are the speed at which data services are running and high-definition voice quality.

And that’s great…assuming that everything works as it should, and customers receive the quality of experience they were promised. But sadly, many 4G LTE implementations do not live up to expectations due to the challenges that lie within the core elements of these networks.

One of these challenges is the shift from 2G/3G circuit-switched networks to all-IP data packet networks, and with it, the introduction of rich communication services (RCS). As a result of this shift, we are witnessing an exciting new era of mashed-up services, including combinations of voice, video, instant messaging (IM) and location-based services.

But to make a profit, service providers need to be able to charge for these innovative new services in new ways – not just per service. In order to rate them by individual parameters, they must be able to correlate the different network sessions on which these services are running, in real time. For example, let’s say a service provider wants to charge customers for VoLTE voice calls made from specific locations according to duration. If it were a normal voice call, these details would be gathered easily from a single network source. But for VoLTE voice calls, the provider must correlate the voice session with the location and data session, each sourced in different network elements.

Only with a solution that can correlate various network sessions in real time, such as Amdocs Convergent Charging, can service providers charge effectively and quickly roll out new mashed-up services, and differentiate their VoLTE offerings from the competition.

Find out more about LTE, VoLTE and PCC (policy charging control) challenges – and their solutions – at the upcoming LTE North America summit in Texas, part of the LTE World Series.

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  1. Since Home Gateway connected to IP network and includes DECT telephony chip , soon you will be able to have VoLTE over your cordless phone and sure can charge knowing the home location
    In addition some of the RCS applications are able using the cordless phone

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