Eyal Amit, Product Marketing Manager, Amdocs

Eyal Amit, Product Marketing Manager, Amdocs

This post is by Eyal Amit, Product Marketing Manager, Amdocs

There are over 300 LTE deployments around the world, each promising a better, faster and more engaging connected mobile experience. While LTE has brought great advancements with regards to fast data speeds, HD video availability, mobile shopping and gaming, by and large it has not lived up to the hype on voice.

Voice over LTE, or VoLTE should mean conversations in high definition, crystal clear video calls, and easy transitions into text messaging. Consumers should be able to see which of their contacts are available and which aren’t through their contact list, not through a voice message on the other end of the line. Mobile phones were originally designed to facilitate talk, so why have only under seven per cent of all LTE Service providers begun offering VoLTE services to their customers?

One challenge facing service providers is that VoLTE uses packet switching rather than circuit switching, meaning it runs as a data services and not traditional voice. Service providers who want to charge one rate for a voice call and a different rate for a video call need a charging system capable of differentiating between the two types of data, in real time, so that it can correctly bill the customer. In addition, when mashing voice services up with  video, service definition and pricing becomes much more complicated, necessitating the need for flexible data plan options, and systems to manage it all.

Quality of service is a second challenge staring service providers in the face. Imagine being at the Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona, with 80,000 other fans and media people. While many people in the stadium will remain within the stadium till end of the game, all 80,000 will want to send video to their friends and co-workers in real-time from the University of Phoenix stadium. Policy control will help determine which fans’ videos rise above the congestion – which receive “best effort” treatment, and which users receive premium dedicated quality of service during game time.

While attending Informa’s LTE Voice Summit in London, don’t miss our two keynote addresses as we take a close look at VoLTE through a charging and policy control lens and discuss other key policy and charging capabilities to ensure a next generation voice service. Come by our booth where you can learn everything you need to know about Amdocs VoLTE solutions.

Join Amdocs at Stand 8 during the LTE Voice Summit to find out more about what’s true with PCC and VoLTE. Amdocs – ready when you are!

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