Seunghyun Sung

Seunghyun Sung, General Manager, LG U+

Seunghyun Sung, General Manager, LG U+ is speaking on the subject of how the Korean operator has led the way on implementing VoLTE on Day One of the second annual LTE Voice Summit, taking place on October 7th-8th 2014 at the Royal Garden Hotel, London. Here she gives us some hints on how VoLTE can add to customer satisfaction and enable it to compete with OTT providers.

What are you expecting and hoping for from the commercial launch on VoLTE?

We currently provide seamless and intelligent communication experiences to our customers through our commercial VoLTE network. Since our customers use voice call features in an LTE environment, by making full use of the advantages that LTE/VoLTE technology provides we are able to offer many differentiated features. For example, we have a service called Uwa, which enables users to have a phone conversation, while using third-party apps for gaming, web surfing etc.

As we approach commercial launch is there any clearer idea of whether VoLTE will truly compete or just complement OTT services?

If operators collectively use the advantage of having their own networks I believe we can compete with OTT services. Currently, LGU+ is developing many services that compete with OTT and we have goals to realize inter-industry convergence in future.

How are you approaching pricing for VoLTE?

Even after the commercialization of VoLTE, we have retained our ‘per second’ pricing methods for voice calls. The reason why we have maintained this is because this is the most common way of charge for voice calls in Korean culture. Also, since we offer unlimited voice and data monthly plan, we did not see having data based pricing as important.

Can we expect to see new and innovative services built on top of plain audio VoLTE?

Currently we have launched many services that operate on top of the VoLTE environment. For example, we have a service provider feature such as ‘screen sharing’ – sharing the content that the caller can sees on his or her mobile screen to the other caller, while having a phone conversation at the same time. Also, we are currently in the process of developing VoLTE telephony services with a target launch date of October.

What is the future, beyond VoLTE? What are the next steps in network development?

After the implementation of ‘Single LTE’, we have put our efforts into improving our network in terms of speed, space and quality. As a result, by end of this year, we will have three-band carrier aggregation ready to deliver speeds of up to 300Mbps.

What are you most looking forward to about attending LTE Voice?

Through this event, I hope to share much valuable knowledge of VoLTE services to others and help them to understand the concept of VoLTE a bit more.

LTE Voice 2014The 2nd annual LTE Voice Summit is taking place on October 7th-8th 2014 at the Royal Garden Hotel, London. Click here NOW to download a brochure.

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