Torbjorn Pettersson, Technical Sales Manager, Mobile Services, Telenor, Sweden

Torbjorn Pettersson, Technical Sales Manager, Mobile Services, Telenor, Sweden

This post is byTorbjörn A Pettersson, Manager Technical Sales and IPX Solutions

Telenor Global ServicesOver the past few years I have experienced a number of examples where customers have experienced “bill shock” after returning home from travelling abroad. The good news in Europe is that since July this year additional EU regulations have made data roaming more affordable, and this is a trend that is about to go global.

What is the catalyst for this new trend? There are so many data-hungry apps on smartphones and tablets being used by people of all ages. In a workshop during the last LTE World Summit in Amsterdam several operators gave similar observations from different segments—not only SME customers. This means that data retail prices are bundled (daily or weekly bundling for example), which make the data roaming much cheaper, and at the same time increase the operators roaming data revenues worldwide.

The deployment of LTE networks worldwide is rapidly being rolled out and it is interesting to see how an increasing numbers of smartphones have multiple bands (up to 13) to support LTE roaming worldwide. This is important even though the majority of LTE networks support the 1800Mhz band.

Supporting lower bands (800 and 900Mhz) is important when roaming outside cities—for example for tourist resorts. The higher bands often use a wider bandwidth within cities and therefore it´s important to be able to use multiple bands (for the coverage and capacity for LTE) while roaming. Data roaming is now affordable as well as secure compared to Wi-Fi networks.

Telenor Global Services delivers a state of the art platform for LTE and data roaming worldwide. Let’s take Scandinavia for example, where the LTE rollout has been a huge success—being able to use LTE wherever you are located, as well as when roaming.

In Norway for example, in a small cozy cabin in the mountains (sometime hidden in the snowy mountains with no water or electricity) you can experience around 80Mb in downlink and 20Mb in the uplink thanks to Telenor’s network and coverage in the 900Mhz band. This is also an important change for M2M services (cars, trucks, gas and electric meters etc.) being able to use video streaming for the kids when driving to the cabin as well as keeping the car connected for security.

To learn more about LTE and roaming please visit our speaker session, “How can IPX facilitate seamless Roaming over LTE”, at the LTE Asia Summit taking place on the 25th September from 14.30pm – 14.50pm in Singapore.







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