Santosh Payal, Manager for Mobile Data and Broadband Services for Vodafone Fiji Limited

Santosh Payal, Manager for Mobile Data and Broadband Services for Vodafone Fiji Limited

Santosh Payal, Manager for Mobile Data and Broadband Services for Vodafone Fiji Limited will be discussing optimal LTE pricing in his presentation on Day Two of the 9th annual LTE Asia conference taking place on the 23rd-25th September 2014 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 

Are billing systems keeping pace with changes in how MNOs now charge for data?

Billing vendors are trying to keep up with the phenomenal growth of data and the need to support different charging mechanisms. However, the data market dynamics are such that it makes them hard to cope with these changes and implement them in a short time. The constant billing system updates also comes at a cost, with which most of MNOs are not willing to keep up. We believe the flexibility in billing platforms should be increased, thus enabling MNOs to create their own service/charging logic without going through the pain of frequent investing in billing platforms.

What are your key strategies for encouraging uptake of LTE in your region?

Our strategy is for LTE to be provided as a base service in a similar way to what market has seen with 3G and 3.5G. The crucial factor, and possibly an initial barrier, would be the type of device a user has in their hand, and if it enables them to make their own choice to latch on the LTE network and maintain this throughout the user life cycle. An enhanced user experience could be delivered thanks to the of smart operator applications to track and monitor usage, and offer personalized bundles, whole a superior quality of experience would boost the uptake. Additionally, LTE plans need to be as simple as possible so that any potential for charging anomalies is eliminated. Where there is choice of data plans, bundles or packages, customer notifications via various channels such as SMS or USSD needs to be implemented.

What role does analytics play in creating your go-to-market strategies?

Analytics has become the key for MNOs to grab the additional revenue wherever they can. Big data analytics opens up a whole range of new possibilities to generate new products/services tailored to personalized level to a customer. Future generations of customers are going to be far more demanding and this is where we need to have mechanisms within core platforms to be able serve them.

Is co-operation or competition with OTTs the way to go for you?

We believe co-operation should be the way forward as MNOs do not have the available resources to compete with the number of OTT players out there. Customers should not be limited in any way from enjoying the variety of services offered by the OTT players; however, MNOs should quickly capitalize on any opportunity that comes through their own intelligence systems and partner up with the OTT players where required. This will ensure a win-win situation for both MNOs and OTT players.

What are you most looking forward to with regard to the LTE Asia conference?

We are looking to explore various mobile pricing strategies and discover the best practices adopted by various MNOs across the region, and learn from them where possible, while sharing our own experiences. Some key areas of interest are:

– How to speed up ROI on LTE deployment
– Mobile apps strategies and mobile advertising
– OTT strategies and partnerships
– How to maximize on LTE investment in terms of enhances services and applications
– How to incorporate network analytics to boost opportunities in charging and tailored products
– Shared data plans and bundling services

LTE_Asia_2014The 9th annual LTE Asia conference is taking place on the 23rd-25th September 2014 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Click here to download a brochure for the event.

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