yousef zain

Yousef Abu-Mutawe , CTO, Zain, Jordan

As Zain in Jordan prepares to launch LTE, its CTO Yousef Abu-Mutawe is already considering the impact that 5G will have in the future. To hear more from Abu-Mutawe be sure to attend the LTE World Summit, the premier 4G event for the telecoms industry, taking place on the 23rd-26th June 2014, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. At the conference he will be speaking in a keynote panel session discussing the path to 5G on Day One of the conference.

Zain is launching LTE later this year. What have been the main challenges leading up to this?

Growing the data network is a necessity in order to maintain revenues. Maintaining the value of the company require us to move to LTE. While voice revenues are shrinking, demand for data is increasing. In fact, data is becoming the main selling point and customer retention factor. Additionally, there is the need to eliminate infrastructure bottlenecks to ensure massive capacity and massive connectivity.

How challenging do you believe it will be to monetise LTE?

LTE will not bring additional revenues, but will bring a guaranteed shift of revenue from the declining voice to data usage. It will help to maintain the base revenue and most importantly will enable us to monetise the synergies between the bundles and the devices; and the synergies between content and subscriptions; the synergies between the cloud and the enterprises; and the synergies between everything and the user.

What, in your opinion, will truly define 5G?

5G will bring a transformation of lifestyle for users and enterprises, moving to ultra-broadband data throughputs and to the unlimited diversity of services and applications. 5G will create the true convergence between the user and its device; between the employee and its enterprise, between the network and the cloud. 5G will expand the possibilities of what mobile networks can do and will boost the importance of the mobile to be the core element in peoples’ life.

What are you most looking forward to with regard to the LTE World Summit?

Specifically, to find out more about the 3G evolution path, the 4G evolution path and their intersection with 5G and to find out what smart decisions operators have to take for their five year business plans with respect to broadband technologies.


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