Cozzolino Sergio

Mobile apps are making a huge difference to the fortunes of Telecom Italia says Sergio Cozzolino, VP Marketing Mobile Services Development of the Italian operator in this interview ahead of the LTE World Summit, taking place on the 23rd-26th June 2014, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. To hear more from him come to on Day Two of the event where he is speaking on the subject, “Examining the Mobile App opportunities and Cloud Solutions”

How would you summarise what have you learned about the power of cloud apps for generating revenue for operators?

Mobile apps are really a disruptive phenomenon in the Internet world. They are growing so fast and are so pervasive in both business and consumers fields. The growing number of apps available on all the different app stores and the increasing number of downloads is not comparable with any other digital good—music, books, films. This enabler is facilitating access to content in the cloud, and they are boosting mobility and the increased consumption of data. LTE is completing the scenario as mobile broadband is guaranteeing access to content with the same level of reliability as fixed networks.

How has LTE changed the game for Telecom Italia?

LTE is an enabling technology for providing our customers high-speed mobile broadband services. The reduced latency is increasing the adoption of more interactive services, guaranteeing a level of liability traditionally available only in the fixed environment in the past. The increasing number of devices supporting LTE features is also generating more data consumption and customers can access contents through PCs, tablets, and smartphones in a seamless way.

What has been the key element that has differentiated you from your competitors?

Telecom Italia has the widest LTE coverage in Italy and is promoting the adoption of high-speed connectivity to educate the customers about using additional mobile services. Content such as video and music are part of our offer and are increasingly used by our customers. The combination of services and network infrastructure is the key asset to really boost the deployment of 4G services.

Why are you keen to come along to the LTE World Summit?

This event will provide us with the opportunity to discover the current state-of-the-art in LTE technology with a specific focus on the development of new services such as VoLTE. This environment will be the right place where to meet the key players in these areas.



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