corbettCorbett Rowell is Research Director for China Mobile, the world’s larger operator. Come to the LTE World Summit, taking place on 23rd-26th June 2014, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands to hear him speaking on the subject of “Towards Green & Soft: A 5G Perspective”.


Ericsson has said that China is set to dominate the amount of LTE traffic worldwide. Is China Mobile ready and prepared?

China Mobile is on track for deploying over 500,000 base-stations by the end of 2014.

What are the next steps? Eg. How quickly will China Mobile move to LTE Advanced and for what reason?

China Mobile is already exploring C-RAN type technologies for integration into its current LTE network, including CoMP.

What impact are new services such as M2M, cloud, and OTT, having on your network compared to standard web data usage?

M2M and instant messaging are having the largest impact on network performance since both types of communications have very low “Data to Signalling” ratios.

What, in your opinion, will truly define 5G?

5G will be a combination of “soft” technologies, such as C-RAN and NFV, together with Massive MIMO antenna arrays.

Why is the LTE World Summit such an important date in the diary for China Mobile?

An opportunity to network with other operators that we would otherwise not have.




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