Senior IP Transmission Manager, Mobinnet, Iran

Senior IP Transmission Manager, Mobinnet, Iran

Mobinnet, Iran’s countries only national broadband operator, has started the pilot phase of its TD-LTE deployment. Come and hear more from Ali Tahmasebi, its Transmission Senior Manager, who is speaking on how Mobinnet is handling the coming data explosion on Day Two of the 10th annual LTE World Summit, taking place on the 23rd-26th June 2014, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands.

Please give us an overview of what stage your LTE deployment is at?

Mobinnet Telecom Co. (MTC) is the only nationwide wireless broadband (4G-WiMAX) operator in the country with services ranging from broadband internet access, VoIP, and VPN. The company is the largest WiMAX Operator in the Middle East. While we at Mobinnet are planning to upgrade the network to new technology, at the same time we are expanding the existing network to cover new locations and add new capacity to congested areas.

Regarding the future broadband experience for Mobinnet’s customers, a peer review of subscriber demand and an analysis of global deployment of LTE led us to select TD-LTE technology. We have finalised all the technical considerations for both LTE and the EPC domain. Most of the jobs in the network planning domain is done and we have started the pilot phase.

Are you experiencing a data explosion yet and are you confident you can handle it?

Yes, user data traffic still grows tremendously, but it is forecasted and a plan is in place. I believe that end-user demand for mobile data consumption will be an endless story, mainly because of video content and mobile apps.

In order to handle the traffic properly, we are expanding the network in three main domains, access, backhaul/backbone and the core. Most of the jobs on backhaul/backbone and core are long-term expansions based on our focus on new technologies. On the access side, both new base stations and microwave links have been deployed and expanded based mainly on user demand.

What technologies are you looking at for backhaul?

It should be a smart expansion from both physical and logical designs. We found that the combination of optical fibre technologies and microwave links is the best one from a physical point of view. Microwave links are an easy to use solution and straightforward, while optical links provide great capacity. The reliability of optical links is a bit tricky here and we made the decision to protect the link with high capacity E-band radio links.

It is clear that as much as a network expands, users generate more traffic. We have planned to use advanced IP/MPLS and QoS features in the network in order to provide high quality service for the valuable subscribers and users.

What strategy do you have for using Wi-Fi in your network?

In Mobinnet it is still under investigation. We would like to move into this but only based on feedback from other LTE networks and with more study regarding the business model. I would like to welcome and invite all vendors, consultancy firms and solution providers to join us in launching a widespread and advanced HetNet here.

What about fronthaul technologies? Are you using them and how will they come into play?

As we haven’t deployed a Cloud RAN (C-RAN) and small cells on any large scale yet, it is not our main concern right now. However, we have to finalise and design these due to Mobinnet’s aggressive plan for LTE and Wi-Fi offloading. I do believe a combination of E-band radio and fibre optic network is a solution for this.

Are you excited by the possibilities of LTE Advanced?

LTE-A shows a secure and future-proof investment path for LTE. It enhances and brings lots of new features over the LTE. It is expected that there will be 10-15 commercial LTE-A networks in the world by end of 2014. I will attend to the LTE world summit 2014, to hear more about this, as it is a great event to have face-to face discussions with leading operators, vendors and experts.

LTE_WorldSummit_2014The 10th annual LTE World Summit, the premier 4G event for the telecoms industry, is taking place on the 23rd-26th June 2014, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. Click here to download a brochure for the event.


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