Today in many cases, DSL subscribers do not get sufficient data rates through their DSL line, which results in poor internet user experience at home. There are several ways and technologies available to increase the access speeds through the DSL line: upgrading from ADSL to VDSL; upgrading from VDSL to VDSL bonding; using VDSL Vectoring, bringing the Network (Central Office) closer to the subscriber to shorten the loop length, and using fibre, among others. However, all these technologies require an investment/upgrade of the network infrastructure.

An alternative is to offer a low investment, easy to implement alternative to boost the access data rates to the subscriber. Lantiq’s DSLTE uses existing DSL lines and adds an additional LTE broadband access link to the DSL gateway. By combining both technologies together, superfast data rates of up to 300Mbps can be achieved – by simply swapping out the broadband router at the user’s home with an DSLTE Gateway.

The key point is that DSLTE is easy to implement, and a low investment technology, as it simply reuses existing DSL and existing LTE infrastructure.

Another benefit to operators is that is that the DSLE helps reduce load on the operator’s network. For example, when the LTE network is experiencing congestion, the data can be routed via DSL.

For ultrafast peak downloads, the box can automatically route the requests via the LTE network. The end result is that users always get the best possible network experience.

Check out the setup in this video!


Lantiq’s marketing manager Matthias Kindler will introduce the concept of DSLTE at the LTE Latin America event in Rio de Janeiro. Visit Lantiq at Pod number 5. Furthermore, Matthias will discuss with expert from the industry, how network speeds can best be increased so be sure to listen to the panel discussion at the event entitled: “DSLTE: Combining DSL and LTE to Boost User Experience” on Tuesday, April 29th; at 3:00pm BRT, Rio.

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