David Swift - Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Wireless Networks Marketing & Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent

David Swift – Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Wireless Networks Marketing & Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent

The LTE era has arrived and is already delivering much faster mobile broadband speeds to end-users – but operators need to move fast to keep customers happy and themselves ahead of the competition. LTE is addressing customer demand for the fastest possible mobile broadband experience. Put simply, LTE customers are happier customers, since they can now enjoy mobile broadband which is as fast and reliable as the fixed-line broadband they are used to at home and in the office. This means that bandwidth-heavy applications—coincidentally the most popular with end-users—such as streaming music, downloading entire albums on the move, uploading photos to social media and streaming high-definition video, are all possible, wherever the user is. In fact, 63 per cent of consumers now say that LTE is an important factor when purchasing smartphones.

The need for speed

Our latest infographic focuses on this need for operators to get themselves moving to LTE sooner rather than later. The reasons for deploying LTE fast are clear; operators that deploy now can secure themselves the lion’s share of new revenues and maximise average revenue per user (ARPU), while keeping their own costs lower. Operators that deploy more slowly, waiting six months before rolling out LTE, will realise 51 per cent lower revenues than the early mover. Similarly, deploying nine months after a competitor means making 56 per cent fewer revenues, while waiting twelve months equates to 60 per cent lower revenues. These are significant figures. In addition to these extra revenues, deploying LTE quickly helps operators to extend the life of the money they have invested in the technology. It is a long-term solution that immediately begins delivering exponentially more dividends than 3G, so the sooner operators move to LTE, the sooner they begin prolonging that investment. Furthermore, in addition to new, higher revenues from existing customers, the availability of the fastest speeds around also attracts new customers from slower-deploying competitors.

Demand is everywhere

In countries around the world where operators have already deployed LTE, the proof points became available very quickly. In the USA, providers AT&T and Verizon fast found that LTE subscribers were using 36 per cent more data than their 3G peers. Korean operator SKT found that LTE data usage per subscriber had increased by 132 per cent, while the increase in LTE data usage in Japan was 67 per cent. SKT also noticed that ARPU over LTE was up, with subscribers spending $43 per month on LTE as opposed to $31 per month from 3G users. LTE is in demand in the business world too, with companies in the USA reporting immediate business benefits to LTE. 76 per cent of companies believe that LTE helps them to innovate and keep ahead of the competition, while 67 per cent of companies say productivity had increased through using LTE. 47 percent have seen LTE help them cut costs and 39 per cent believe it helps them to secure new business. Likewise in the UK, 94 per cent of IT decision-makers who responded to a survey stated that LTE will be an important business tool. The demand for LTE is undoubtedly there in the marketplace, the benefits to operators of deploying as fast as possible are also clear – but how do you deploy fast, smoothly and cost-effectively?

Alcatel-Lucent LTE Express

Alcatel-Lucent has drawn on all its years of network expertise to put in place a program to help mobile operators deploy LTE fast and trouble-free. What this means in practice is that operators can leverage the know-how of the world’s leading macro, small cell and backhaul vendor and enjoy a turnkey solution that gets them to market fast. LTE Express is interoperable with all major core network vendors and provides scalability across architecture, networks and operations alike. Our approach helps operators to deploy as fast as they need to, so in addition to those new revenues, we can help reduce time costs by between 40 and 50 per cent too. Cost per bit is also reduced by 57 per cent, further strengthening the case for deploying LTE now, and working with the right partner to do so.

For further information on the Alcatel-Lucent LTE Express solution, please click here.

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