Suzanne Rankine

Suzanne Rankine
Conference Researcher, LTE World Series,
Informa Telecoms & Media

Operators that leverage the power of data analytics have a chance to uncover hidden revenue opportunities.

With a phone in almost every person’s pocket, it’s no surprise that mobile operators have access to huge amounts of subscriber data. Rather than just sitting on it though, thanks to the power of data analytics operators can uncover important insights into consumer behaviour. These insights can then be turned into targeted monetization opportunities and new revenue streams for operators.

For example, operators can analyse the data to find out the more about the services consumers are using, such as discovering the most popular OTT services, how they are using them, and by whom? They can assess how consumer trends vary from device to device, accurately predict the services individuals are most likely to pay more for and then offer these premium services to consumers. They can also track new service rollouts and monitor consumer experience to make services even more successful.

data analytics

In addition to more accurately offering additional services directly related to the mobile network, operators can use mobile data to partner with external companies to offer targeted promotions tailored to the opt-in consumer. Through combining lifestyle, mobile, and location profiles, services providers are able to accurately predict which promotions will be of interest to individual consumers. This enables a much more targeted advertising strategy, driving higher response rates, higher revenues and increased consumer satisfaction.

LTE monetization is always one of most popular topics of discussion across the entire LTE World Series and leveraging the power of Big Data is just one way operators are boosting revenues in the network.

To find out more information on the latest monetization innovations join us at the LTE World Summit this June in Amsterdam, or another show nearer you.

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