Suzanne Rankine

Suzanne Rankine
Conference Researcher, LTE World Series,
Informa Telecoms & Media

In network ecosystems, signalling is top of the food chain. If your signaling solution malfunctions or cannot cope with traffic levels it will be catastrophic for the entire network. As traffic levels increase due to increasing subscriber numbers and the always-on nature of chatty-apps, browsing and video, there is even more pressure on existing signaling solutions. Networks have been known to temporarily shut down completely due to signaling storms – a failure of signaling solutions.

As 4G rolls out that pressure will only increase and according to software vendor Oracle, LTE Diameter signalling traffic will grow at more than twice the rate of mobile data traffic until 2017. As such, operators need to become smarter in the way they handle high volumes of traffic and data surges, and can no longer overlook the importance of an advanced signaling solution.

Aside from preventing network failure, an advanced signaling solution has the potential to increase service offerings, aid international roaming and reduce OPEX.  Specifically operators are looking to signaling to help them to;

–          Launch new services faster through a centralised model

–          Eliminate the internal signaling surge by enabling Dynamic Service Chaining

–          Drive OPEX down by deploying multiple applications and services onto a single system

–          Introduce complete flexibility into the signaling and routing services through customer-defined service logic

The Signaling Focus Day at the LTE World Summit, will bring together signaling experts from operator companies in our all new “operator discussions” to discuss how we can make these signaling promises a reality. These panels will focus exclusively on the challenges operators are facing and how they can deploy the latest signaling technologies commercially.


In addition the Signaling Focus Day will bring together the greatest innovators in the signaling space, including F5, Oracle, BICs, Dialogic, Netnumber, OpenCloud, Tieto, Ulticom and Diametriq to showcase their latest service offerings.

We will also have a range of top speakers in the subject including:

  • Eyad  Cadura,  Director, Mobily
  • Robert Sanders, Senior Manager, EE
  • Jino Jacob, Mobile Signalling Services Specialist, Etisalat
  • Roberto Beghini, Engineering Manager Switch, Claro
  • David Pfannemuller Guimaraes, Technology Consultant, OI Brasil
  • Oliver Jacques Contreras, Global Quality Manager, Claro

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