Farès Nassar, President, ON TELECOM BRASIL

Farès Nassar, President, ON TELECOM BRASIL

Fares Nassar is President of On Telecom Brazil, a new operator looking to improve the quality of broadband access for Brazilians. Nasar is taking part in the CxO panel discussion on Day One of the LTE Latin America conference, taking place on the 28th-30th April 2014, at the Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ahead of the show  we find a bit more about the new venture and the impact it hopes to have on the country in the year of the World Cup.

Please tell me a little about On Telecom?

On Telecom is a new operator, founded by industry veterans, with the mission of providing high-quality broadband Internet access to residences and businesses using the most advanced wireless broadband technology to date, TD-LTE. On has spectrum concessions throughout the state of São Paulo, Brazil and has already started deploying its services in 2013 in five cities.

How big a hunger is there for 4G in Brazil?

Brazil, despite being one of the world 10 largest economies, seriously lags in terms of true broadband connectivity. Both in terms of number of broadband accesses as well as in average broadband speed, Brazil´s ranking is below 70th. New applications such as IPTV, tele-education, gaming and rich social media are further fueling the demand for quality broadband connectivity, and Brazilians rank very high in terms of usage of such services and applications. The infrastructure must now follow to cope with the exploding demand.

LTE LATAM 2014 logo

The LTE Latin America conference is taking place on the 28th-30th April 2014, at the Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Click here to download a brochure for the event.

How big an opportunity is the World Cup in Brazil for ON TELECOM?

While On´s concession does not cover any city which will host World Cup games, On expects that demand for access to rich-media coverage of the games will drive demand for high-quality broadband access, which On is deploying.  On´s service concession is for fixed and nomadic (portable services), not for full mobility, but On is working with potential partners to analyse portability of its services outside its concession area.

What is your strategy for pricing?

We believe we price fairly and competitively, on the basis of the true quality we offer our users. This is reflected by addressing each element of the network, from the user to the content, to insure a quality end-end experience.  

What would you pick out as the most important technology to make an impact in 2014?

LTE-Advanced, which will allow wireless access speeds to get close to fibre.

Why is the LTE LATAM conference such an important date in your diary

It brings together players using the same technology as we are and, importantly, facing similar demographic, geographic and geopolitical challenges.

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