Earlier this week Google announced that it would be purchasing Nest for $3.2 billion. Even for Google that’s a significant sum of money – well OK, maybe not for Google – but it’s enough for anyone else to take note.

Nest is the poster child for the new ‘smart’ connected device trend that is promising (threatening?) to take over the world. The company offers two devices, a smoke alarm and a thermostat, both of which are cool, stylish and web connected, enabling you to remotely adjust the temperature, or presumably monitor your house burning down from a safe distance.

One of the two guys who founded Nest is Tony Fadell, who was the behind-the-scenes-man that was key in the creation of the original iPod, one of the most iconic and ground-breaking products of the 21st century, so that’s some track record right there.

The Thermostat is circular rather…

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