Spectrum – the life blood of any mobile carrier. The additional spectrum for San Francisco is notable. AT&T’s poor performance in Geek City is infamous.


AT&T(s t) has agreed to buy 4G licenses in 14 states from spectrum speculator Aloha Partners, gaining spectrum in key cities like San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio, Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Indianapolis. The companies didn’t reveal the price tag of the transaction.

Now that AT&T is nearly done with its initial LTE rollout, it’s shifting its focus from building network coverage to adding more network capacity, just as its archrival Verizon Wireless(s vz)(s vod) is doing. It’s looking to expand into different frequency bands beyond the 700 MHz airwaves its current LTE network resides on, and it’s becoming apparent that it’s targeting the same Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) bands used by T-Mobile and Verizon for that new network.

That’s a little surprising since AT&T has lacked key geographic coverage at AWS, and in fact, it was forced to give up a lot of those 1700/2100 MHz airwaves to T-Mobile

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