map-latin-america-370x229If you’re interested in any way in LTE pricing strategies then you’ll want to check out this upcoming webinar, focusing on the LATAM region.

2013 has seen a steady increase in the number of LTE deployments in Latin America. The region now has 24 live networks, and 2014 is set to keep up the momentum. For instance, six new 4G networks are expected to be rolled out in Colombia alone, and other countries are planning to auction the highly-prized 700MHz spectrum.

In the webinar, Informa will discuss the current status of LTE in Latin America, from subscriptions evolution to spectrum allocation in the different countries that have launched LTE so far. In particular, the webinar will discuss the pricing strategies adopted by Latin American operators when launching their LTE services, whether they are charging a premium for LTE, the differences between TDD and FDD-LTE pricing strategies, and whether the focus is on smartphones or modems.

To take part in the Webinar, click here to set up a GoToMeeting account to register.

Ari Lopes, Principal Analyst LATAM, Informa Telecoms & Media

During the webinar, we will cover the following areas:

– How have the LTE networks in Latin America evolved?
– What spectrum has been used most in Latin America for LTE?
– How have TDD and FDD-LTE been marketed in the region?
– What are the pricing strategies adopted in Latin America for LTE?
– What are the perspectives for the Latin American LTE market in 2014?
– Followed by Q&A.


If you’re planning to tune in for the Webinar be sure to also download the brochure for the LTE Latin America conference, taking place on the 28th-30th April 2014, at the Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Click here to download a brochure for the event.


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