While Europe can stake a claim to be first with LTE, and Asia can boast of being the most advanced right now, the US is undoubtedly the largest market for LTE, with customers in the many millions. With the likes of AT&T have virtually completed their roll outs, Sprint really getting going, and many smaller players also pushing LTE, there was a lot to discuss at this year’s LTE North America 2013, which was the only 4G industry event taking place this year.


Numbers were up on last year with nearly 1,300 delegates on the floor, so it was no surprise to find that the floor was busy and bustling. It was also the first time we used the innovative Poken system, bringing the wonders of wireless, digital networking to the LTE World Series.

Last, bustling, packed, buzzy, everyone had a great experience. Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst, at the Yankee Group Research typified the general thoughts saying that,

“the crowd at the event was impressive as was the line-up of experts brought in to speak.”

Ken chaired the track on public safety of which there was a strong focus at the event. Other topics covered in depth included major topics such as LTE Advanced, and VoLTE, with the likes of Daniel Lonnbland from Sony Mobile Communications describing how handset manufacturers should move forward.

Network analytics, policy control, app innovation and user experience were also topics that were thoroughly discussed, described and dissected at the conference.

If for any reason you don’t believe me do search on Twitter using the hash tag #LTENA where you’ll find the myriad Tweets from the many participants. If you do look it’ll be no surprised to find that TNSI’s Andi Cook took the best Tweeter gong for her many and info packed updates – examples below.

Check out our pictures from the event below, and be sure to put a date in your diary for next year’s event, taking place on the 21-22 November in a new location at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dallas.

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