As you arrive at LTE North America 2013 in Dallas this year, you’ll notice something different attached to your lanyard at registration. Namely a small plastic token, shaped vaguely like a hand. This is a ‘Poken’, a new way of swapping information with the people you meet at the conference.

Think of it as a digital business card. After all, in an age of touch, swipe and beam, handing out an oblong slip of paper seems a little outdated somehow.

A Poken on a desk, yesterday

A Poken on a desk, yesterday

With the Poken tag, you can literally ‘get in touch’ with the people you want. It works using NFC, (Near Field Communication). Touch your Poken with another, it glows, and all the information from each of your online profiles will be exchanged. This actually occurs when you plug your Poken into your computer’s USB port when your back at your desk, and go online. At this point all the information you have requested by touching Pokens will be added to your online account, ready for you to review at your leisure. You can then choose to connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, or check out their web page. You can also sync all the contacts you have accumulated into Outlook.


To make the most of Poken then you need to make sure you’ve got your profile fully loaded with all the information you want to share. To do that go to your Poken Hub, accessible via a registration code sent to all conference attendees via email. To make the most of the Poken it’s therefore important to add all your details to your profile, such as your name, your email your Twitter account, LinkedIn, YouTube, or company web page. You can upload PDFs, presentations and videos to your account too.


Look out for these symbols on exhibition stands – touch them with your Poken to add content to your account.

Look out for Poken symbols as you walk around the exhibition floor, just touch and you guessed it – all the information from that company will be uploaded to your profile. No need to be over burdened with bundles of paper as you walk around. All the paper saved is good for the rainforests too – hence it’s ‘eco-friendly’ tag.

Touching Pokens can also a great ice breaker when meeting people and, dare we say it, adds a bit of a fun element to the usual conference experience.

We think it’s going to be great, so don’t forget to upload your details to your Poken account before you go.

To find our more, here’s a video from Poken. Check it out!

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