While Twitter was the tech IPO that everyone was talking about last week, this was one that was of great interest to the telecoms industry. Mavenir has staked its future on the telecoms moving to IP and with VoLTE deployments looking like big news for 2014 it seems like a safe bet.


All eyes Thursday morning were focused on Twitter’s blockbuster IPO(s twtr), but behind the scenes another tech company made the leap from private ownership to the publicly traded markets. Shares of Mavenir Systems(s mvnr) made their debut on the New York Stock Exchange today under the ticker symbol MVNR.

Mavenir (see disclosure) makes equipment and sofware for mobile carriers that lets them move their legacy voice and SMS services to new LTE networks. It powered MetroPCS’s groundbreaking voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and IP-SMS launch and is working with several other global operators, ranging from Sweden’s Tele2 to T-Mobile in the Czech Republic, to modernize their core communications services.

cell tower illustratedMavenir built its business on 2G and 3G SMS infrastructure last decade, but the company has been staking out its future in enhanced communications services – providing carriers with new features such as mobile video chat and integrated messaging pioneered by over-the-top communications providers…

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