Bernadette Noujaim-Baldwin, Global Head of Carrier Services, Telstra Global, Singapore

Bernadette Noujaim-Baldwin, Global Head of Carrier Services, Telstra Global, Singapore

Bernadette Noujaim-Baldwin, Global Head of Carrier Services, Telstra Global, Singapore is speaking on Day Two of the LTE Asia conference, taking place on the 18th September 2013 at the Suntec, Singapore. 

What have been the biggest milestones for Telstra Global’s IPX network over the past year?

The rapid expansion of our customer base, and the clarification of our IPX roadmap and journey for the future.  By talking with existing and potential customers, Telstra Global has developed a clear understanding of the concerns of our LTE customers, and also their vision of where LTE will take them in their home market, allowing us to support those advancements to their remote partners.   We have had many exciting and innovative conversations with service and content providers, enabling us to have a strong roadmap for the future. The adoption of LTE and in turn IPX means having a view of the future and not just today.

As LTE becomes more widespread customers will want the technology when roaming. If there is coverage and both networks already have 3G roaming agreements what are the challenges of providing roaming through IPX?

While 3G roaming agreements are successful for 3G technologies, LTE requires a changed approach to deliver roaming agreements. The key word is “approach”, the roaming relationship that exists does not need to change, key partnerships between MNOs and the history of their relationship can continue, they will now share new and exciting opportunities to deliver their existing services with an agreed quality of service improving their customer experience both in the home and remote country, while developing new opportunities to retain existing customer base, increase new customer share by delivering value added services both at home and abroad.

The LTE Asia conference is taking place on the 18th-19th September 2013 at the Suntec, Singapore. Click here to download a brochure for the event.

Will VoIPX also be part of the roaming equation?

Yes, Telstra Global sees all methods of communication as being key to the end user roaming experience. Voice is an integral part of that communication.

When are you looking to introduce LTE-Advanced technologies?

Telstra Global has already started developing in house and engaging with significant partners to build a comprehensive and exciting ecosystem; developing solutions around HDVoice, HDVideo, Conferencing, and RCS, and looking at new value added services around media, content and advertising applications. (With higher data speed, LTE-Advanced brings the possibility of providing more media rich services. A reliable IPX provider will be essential for MNOs to deliver the contents and services to the end users)

What are you particularly looking forward to with regard to the IPX Asia conference?

Meeting with mobile operators across the whole spectrum of LTE deployment, to build relationships, foster collaboration and understand their roadmap and barriers to change.  LTE is primarily around enabling conversations, the partnership between IPX providers and LTE providers should be based on open conversations to build the right roadmap at the right time.

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  1. LTE roaming is a fraud against subscribers… packet networks are connection-less and do not require a “home” carrier … it is like charging users long distance for accessing a web site on the other side of the planet. We are not bounded by country dial codes or area codes, or exchange office codes etc like the lagging and legacy business plan for POTS required… we need to get back to the future and unleash the power of the Internet as it was originally meant to be… the dial tone billing machines need to go pasture… there is no such thing as a long distance IP to IP call.

  2. Very well said, thanks for this post.

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