The financial landscape for communications service providers (CSPs) this year remains rocky. Profits are continuing to fall, with major players such as Telefonica, DTAG, and Vodafone reporting significant drops in revenue: the Vodafone group recently reported a full 90 per cent year-on-year drop. Margins are continually squeezed, competition from OTT players like Google and Apple is fierce, and CSPs must now build out next-generation LTE networks to meet the demand for mobile data services.

Operators are making inroads in cost reduction, but savings are not enough. It’s clear that current business models need to be transformed, focusing on new ways to deliver innovative services and drive revenues.

At The Now Factory, we’re seeing a trend around LTE encompassing both cost reduction and revenue generation. Operators are consolidating their network monitoring and CEM systems under one platform – Customer-Centric Network Monitoring to drive greater cost-efficiencies, while building analytics on top to extract greater value: finding that new LTE revenue.

The flood of rich data available to operators is a deep vein of potential profit for CSPs. The exploration and monetisation of this information is driving the most exciting innovations in the sector. Big Data can’t be ignored, and fortune favours the bold. Today, we work with a host of CSPs who use the power of our analytics platform to find new LTE revenue sources around:

• Machine to Machine (M2M) services

• More flexible pricing models

• Mobile advertising

• Market research

To learn more about how we can help CSPs profit from the migration to LTE, please contact the Now Factory

We will be at the upcoming LTE World Summit in Amsterdam from June 24-26 and would welcome an opportunity to meet with you if you will be attending.

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