The last couple of weeks have seen some notable (game changing?) operator announcements from the leading LTE markets.

While MetroPCS, SK Telecom and KT were competing for the rights to be named the first operator to deploy commercial VoLTE services, there were similar noises coming from the German market – Vodafone Germany became the first operator to launch Joyn-branded RCS services, to be closely followed by Deutsche Telekom and then Telefonica in 2013.

One group who will undoubtedly benefit are the IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) vendors who must be excited at the prospect of operators rolling out these new IMS-reliant services in the coming years.

As LTE networks become more established, it was a matter of time before these announcements were made, with operators keen to protect themselves from the OTT threat and differentiate themselves from their fellow LTE operators. But how effective will they be?


Many questions spawn out of these announcements and it will be interesting to see how other operators and markets follow suit now these big players have deployed. Will device manufacturer’s ramp up production of compatible handsets? Will OTT players feel the impact of Joyn and VoLTE and if so, how will they react? What will be the success and uptake of seamless VoLTE to video call switching? How will operators be able to monetize these new services if they are incorporating them as part of existing pricing plans? Share your thoughts on these issues below!


SK Telecom & KT are amongst others discussing their plans for the future at LTE Asia in a couple of weeks.


I’m Sam Oakley and as the Events Manager of the LTE World Series, I hope you’re able to join us at LTE Asia 2012, taking place on the 18-19 September 2012 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Click here to register your interest.

Comments on: "VoLTE And Joyn – a match made in IMS heaven?" (2)

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  2. Where joyn was launched already?
    Based my information pilot of joyn was launched in Vodafone Spain and Telefonica Spain as well as in T-Mobile Poland.
    More information about joyn:

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