The industry-leading LTE Asia event is approaching fast and as preparations continue for Singapore on 18-19 September, we speak to Denny Kim, Director of KT, the second largest operator in Korea, who is presenting on Day Two.  We get his views on the importance of small cells and how he envisions monetising LTE…

What have been the main developments and major milestones for you over the last 12 months with regards to LTE?

KT has launched LTE commercial service in January 2012 and has provided nationwide LTE coverage. The brand name of the KT LTE service is LTE WARP, a name designed to demonstrate how KT offers the best and most efficient data throughput performance. KT was able to achieve this level of performance through the LTE virtualization network technology, which was developed jointly by KT and Samsung.

What impact will technology such as IMS and Joyn have for you?

OTT players are expanding their influence via smartphone services. RCS services such as Joyn could be the substantial and powerful alternative for telcos to increase the value of their services. To leverage the greatest value from RCS services, interoperability between telcos will be important.

How important are small cells to your network roll-out plans?

In high density areas LTE sites must be deployed extremely closely together so in that environment inter-cell interference will be a big issue to tackle. KT has deployed the LTE virtualization network technology to control the inter-cell interference in high density areas. Small cells for LTE could be the key to achieve the expected throughput performance.

What business models would you say are best for monetising LTE?

Mobile networks offering enhanced performance such as from LTE could accelerate the virtual goods market place. The digital content and application market and the related value chain could be the one of the best opportunities for monetising LTE.

The LTE Asia 2012 conference is taking place on the 18-19 September 2012 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.  To find out more about Denny’s presentation, please download the brochure by clicking here

To find out more about the LTE Asia event, click here

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