The road ahead

As Day 0 draws to a close the overriding impression is that there are many issues facing operators: the data crunch, signalling, devices shortages, device battery life etc. However, listening to operators from all over the world and from every continent it’s clear that the issues are common all over the world. Apart from relatively minor geographical variations it’s not that different if you’re in London, New York or Hawaii – apart from better weather.

What was also consistent is that though there are many technical issues still to resolve if there’s one thing that operators do well, it’s being technical. The issue is that they are less good at pricing models and marketing – nobody’s truly confident that they can effectively monetise LTE.

Over the next two days I’m sure that we’ll hear from the key speakers a reiteration of the many issues and challenges ahead, but are we going to hear answers and solutions that are as convincing?

Comments on: "The road ahead" (1)

  1. Safdar Imam said:

    you have hit the nail on the head. I am growingly worried about monitization of LTE network. Today we are counting how many Telcos have launched LTE. I fear tomorrow we may be counting how many more telco went
    bust via LTE implementation?

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