LTE World Summit has moved to Barcelona this year, one of the world’s most modern and cosmopolitan cities, a centre of world-renowned cuisine and cultural heritage!

The event will take place on 22-24 May in Barcelona’s International Convention Centre (CCIB). The CCIB integrates into Barcelona’s new seafront area, Diagonal Mar, and forms part of the new technological and business district, one of the city’s best developed urban areas. Modern installations, architectural beauty and a seaside location make CCIB truly unique as one of the largest convention centres in Southern Europe.

In order to help your preparations for the event, we have answered some of the most common questions below…

How do I get to the event venue, CCIB?

The CCIB is easily accessible with excellent transport links:

  • TRAIN- There is a good train service running every half hour from the airport to the city centre.  The journey takes about 25 minutes. From the train station Paseo de Gracia you can access the yellow line (line 4) of the metro. The nearest station to the CCIB is Maresme-Forum.
  • AIRBUS- There is a bus service between the airport and the city center (Plaza Cataluña) every 10-12 minutes.  The journey takes 30 minutes.  Next to Plaza Cataluña station is Urquinaona the yellow line (line 4) of the underground line leading directly to the CCIB (Maresme-Forum station).
  • TAXI- A taxi takes about 20 minutes. The rates change based on the time. There is a charge for entry / exit of the airport and carrying luggage.
  • METRO- Maresme-Forum, on the yellow line, L4 is just a few minutes walk from the CCIB

What should I bring with me?

If you have pre-registered for the event, don’t forget to bring the official registration confirmation containing a barcode. This enables you to Fast Track registration and speeds up the process for you.

If you don’t have registration with a barcode, having your confirmation number with you will shorten retrieval of your registration information.

Bring a good supply of business cards- with an expected 3,000 attendees you are likely to have many people you will want to share it with!

How do I keep up-to-date with what’s going on at the event?

The best way to keep up with the goings on at the show is via our Twitter hashtag #LTEWS! There will be a Twitter Wall on display in the exhibition and registration areas showing all the event updates and exclusive news. Be sure to check out the Twitter Wall and get involved in the event by tweeting your thoughts #LTEWS.

For more information on the event please visit 

To find out more about the city of Barcelona, its tourist attractions, places to eat and practical information please visit

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