In the UK we tend to think of LTE as something of a specialist subject due to the fact that the average ‘normal’ person on the street hasn’t heard of it. That’s fair enough, as it’s not coming to these isles until 2014 at the earliest, and probably 20014 if the operators are allowed to drag their heels. But that’s another story. In the US however, it’s mainstream enough for Saturday Night Live to run a skit, making fun of Verizon’s advertising of the service.

The customer walks in and is clearly savvy enough to ask the sales rep to tell him more about ‘4G LTE’, and is then promptly bamboozled by a stream of confusing network specifications.

Best lines? “1 song, 4 seconds.” Puzzled look. “The song is four seconds?”

After being flung a list of buzzy Android phone names he asks, “What happens if I drop it down the toilet?” Response. “It breaks immediately”.

Tagline? “Verizon – an old person’s nightmare”

(Apologies for poor screen cam quality, but original not available on YOuTube due to draconian location limitations – (i.e. you’re outside of the US? But there’s nothing outside of the US!).

The point is clear. Verizon might be well known as the LTE leader in the US, but is doing a poor job at communicating the benefits of the technology and the gadgets that come with it. Lesson to other operators – do it better.

It might be terribly predictable to say, but there is one company that will do a probably better job of explaining why LTE is great, while offering a simpler, clear strategy to deliver it to customers via a single device. And they’ll probably do it this summer. Answer on a post card below. No prizes.

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